My hobbies and interests

mgr inż. arch. Patrycja Joanna Morawska

I am passionate about interior design as a form of creating surroundings. I am personally engaged in every project which I realize with precision and attention giving the clients the best solution for their needs.

I believe, our daily space, as a background of our activity, has influence on the quality of our life.

Well designed space, as a frame for our everyday life, pays off with functionality and solutions that make us feel good and brings a sense of belonging to a place.

Through my personal observations and needs of human beings I pay attention to the ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality of the designed forms and interiors.

The interior is not only walls. It is primarily a space to live, a space that is to reply to the people’s needs, that being in becoming into real pleasure.

Brief info about me

Architect by education and passion.

I graduated from the Cracow University of Technology obtaining my master with honors in Architecture.

My master’s project was covering the landscape, architecture and interior design of the Site Gallery in Portugal, was published in the nationwide architectural journal Builder 7/2017.

I gained my experience through various projects, one of them took place in Portugal in Porto when I was cooperating with the local design office as an architect.

This international experience has a big influence on my present architectural view. Right there, in Portugal my love for old atmospheric tenement houses, the combination of history and the present, fit into the theme of genius loci, flourished.

I broaden my knowledge and experience by by participating in international events in the field of architecture and design. Lifelong learning is my motto and it enables me to give the best quality of work to my clients.

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